8 Day Raw Food Delight & Yoga Retreat

Convenient forays into a verdant jungle or underwater coral gardens can be easily accessed in Thailand’s second largest island, Koh Chang. Spend days of diving, relaxing on the west-coast beaches or hiking through dense jungle – then recover in time to experience the island's vibrant party scene. The perfect environment for an unforgettable vacation, Koh Chang houses a paradise like no other – The Spa Koh Chang Resort. It is a serene haven for relaxation and rejuvenation offering 8 days of pure leisure and bliss.

The 8-day retreat is designed to help identify areas of physical imbalance and related emotional or mental patterns, fused with enlivening activities to make the retreat just what you need to truly relax and recharge. You’ll be invited to bring awareness back into your body through a carefully structured program with all raw food meals, raw drinks, some exercises like yoga, meditation, cycling, swimming, walking, kayaking and special cooking class. This wellness program offer solutions your daily stresses ensuring a balanced living and well-being for mind, body and spirit.

The cost of this retreat includes all raw meals, raw food cooking classes, raw smoothie classes, massage and spa treatment, herbal hot compress massage, herbal steam, infrared sauna, yoga and meditation classes, unlimited use of facilities and round trip transfer to and from the Koh Chang Pier. Should you choose to avail the accommodation option, your retreat will also include your 7 night stay.

What is included

  • Accommodation
  • Air Conditioned Room
  • Airport Transfer
  • Fitness Centre
  • Meals
  • Pool
  • Spa
  • WiFi Internet
  • Yoga Props
Venue   The Spa Koh Chang Resort

The Spa Koh Chang Resort was created with the aim to rejuvenate body, mind and spirit. Providing long-lasting benefits and inspiring change for a balanced lifestyle is also their focus. From their pool and gym, to steam baths and infrared saunas, the spa resort has been created to complete a relaxing stay of every traveller.

The herbal steam bath is a little rock cabin topped with a wooden shingle roof. Thai herbs and the proper temperature steam makes for the perfect complement. You will feel refreshed as your internal toxins are eliminated from your body. The Far Infrared Sauna on the other hand offers a highly effective process for body cleansing. The naturally-treated swimming pool with a raised Jacuzzi bath and spa jets for muscular massage. Sea salt, not chlorine, is used for water treatment to ensure healthy skin and to prevent the damage on the respiratory system caused by the effect of chlorine intake.

You can reach The Spa Koh Chang Resort by air or road transport via the private spa taxi, VIP bus or public minibus. The resort proveds transfers from Bangkok or Trat to the island. You can book a flight to the Trat Airport, just 28.9 kilometers away from the village. 



Selected as one of the 50 “Best Restaurants in the World” by UK-based Restaurant magazine, the Radiance Restaurant at The Spa Koh Chang is famous for the best vegetarian, vegan and healthy food on Koh Chang.
The selection of dishes available has been designed by the concept of the balanced diet from Alkaline-forming food. It works exceptionally well with the overall concept of The Spa Koh Chang Resort, creating a happy, healthy time for all guests.
The menu offers raw, vegan and vegetarian options, utilizing the abundant local and organic produce, and fresh, local seafood is also available. This not only keeps the food fresh, clean and healthy, but also intentionally minimizes the Spa's carbon footprint. No MSG, refined sugar, artificial colors, flavorings or preservatives are used in any of the variety of dishes served at the Spa Koh Chang.
Your retreat will be centered around a raw food diet, expertly created and prepared to allow your body to cleanse gently, while still providing essential nutrients and sustenance for your yoga practice.
As with all elimination diets, it is important not to rush back into heavy foods, and the Spa Koh Chang staff will be able to assist you in gently transitioning back into a regular diet. 
Enjoy your meals poolside on a wide range of fresh fruit and vegetable dishes, national specialities and globally-inspired meals.
Smoothies, juices and fresh coconuts are available throughout the day to help you cool down and refresh, or just relax in the peaceful surroundings.




Discover a world of joyful celebrations of food that is clean, nutrient-dense and life-giving. Raw and vegan foods are about listening to our bodies, embracing food in its beautiful natural form and taking the focus off animal products and processed foods. This could be a daunting prospect for those who feature meat and dairy regularly in their diets, but a raw and vegan food wellness holiday allows you to freely explore this exciting way of nourishing yourself. What’s more, this wellness retreat offers expert guidance and a dream destination in which to naturally lose weight, embark on a detox holiday or learn how to embrace raw veganism long-term.

Lindsay DeAguila

Yovada Warrior

  The Spa Koh Chang Resort, Thailand

Located along a peaceful, sheltered stretch of coast at the southern edge of Koh Chang Island, Baan Salak Khok is a serene fishing village with one of the best-preserved mangrove-forests in the whole of Thailand. The small fishers and fruit farmers of Baan Salak Khok are satisfied to flow with the traditional rhythms of island life. Twenty years of development in Koh Chang have taught local people to be open to the world, but to also be selective about which aspects of modernisation they wish to pursue.

Local families still build their homes on stakes driven into the bay, connected by small timber bridges, emphasizing their intimate relationship with the sea. Community members work together to protect Koh Chang’s largest area of mangroves, which most families rely upon directly on as a nursery for sea life. To help negotiate a compromise between tradition and new opportunities, the community has developed a range of healthy eco-tourism activities, complemented by a touch of modern management, fair income distribution and support for conservation and social work.

The Trat Airport is 28.9 kilometers away from the village. You can arrive by boat from Laem-Ngop-Pier to Dan-May-Pier or to Than-Mayom-Pier and then onward by taxi. The departure times of the taxis to Dan-Kao-Pier are subject to seasonal change, so it is advisable to check in advance.