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28 Day 200Hr Ashtanga-Inspired Vinyasa Yoga Training

Jun | Jul | Aug | Sep | Oct | Nov | Dec

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USA  |  Florida
USA  |  California

25 Day 200hr Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training (Online)

Jul | Aug | Sep | Oct | Nov

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USA  |  California
USA  |  Florida

2-Week 200Hr Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

Jul | Nov | Jan | Apr

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USA  |  Hawaii

17 Day 200Hr Transformative Yoga Teacher Training Hawaii

Aug | Nov | Jan | Mar | May

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USA  |  Hawaii
USA  |  Florida

2 Week Intensive 200Hr Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

Aug | Sep | Oct | Nov | Dec

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USA  |  Florida
USA  |  Hawaii

18 Day 200Hr Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training

Jan 6 - 23, 2022

Free Cancellation*
USA  |  Hawaii
USA  |  California

25 Day 200Hr Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

May 2 - 26, 2022

Free Cancellation*
USA  |  California
USA  |  Hawaii

18 Day 200Hr Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training

Jul 20 - Aug 6, 2022

Free Cancellation*
USA  |  Hawaii
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Find the Best Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) in the US 2021 / 2022

The first stage in your yoga education is waiting for you.

There are all different types of courses available.

All meet the set standards and curriculum for you to certify as a yoga teacher.

The school you qualify with is all down to your personal choice of which instructors

and teaching philosophy you like most.

You can achieve your yoga certification by attending a local studio for multiple

weekends over a season so you can avoid taking a large amount of time off work

and still be based at home.

These generally work out more affordable yoga teacher training than

making a pilgrimage away to a foreign destination that will include a lot of travel.

Or, still at home, you could opt for a more intensive residential training.

The beauty about us yogis in the states is that we have so many options to choose


Now that you have been practicing for some time you will be aware what styles you

are most comfortable with.

And there are all combinations of yoga styles and courses with different emphasis

and specialisms available to you.

Search out the training that speaks to your heart.

With the trainers and a methodology you relate to.

Staying at home in the States still offers a good range of registered yoga

schools in very different settings.

In 2021 the most popular trending would be HawaiiFlorida and California.

All offer incredible experiences.

You can check out all the training retreats in the United States.

Popular Training Programs

The first stage in your yoga education, the course will be Yoga Alliance certified and follow the curriculum set down. All yogis start with our foundational 200 hour yoga trainings.

This doesn't mean all courses are the same.

Be sure to find the program that matches what you are looking for.

Teacher Training Retreats in Florida

Florida has a beautiful climate and offers year-round yoga instructor trainings.

A great place to visit at the same time as completing a course.

Yoga Teacher Training Courses in Hawaii

Who wouldn't want to go to Hawaii to complete their certification.

Across the islands you can enjoy the beaches, the surf, the stunning landscapes, and your yoga training.

Yoga Certification Courses in California

From the clean air of the forested hillsides to the wavey beaches of the long and rugged coastline you can find a training to join not too far from home if you are based on the central west coast.

For those of you who have already completed their foundational level and would like to advance their yoga education to the next stage then one of the 300 RYT Certification Courses is for you.

Still looking for good options`? If you can't find what you are looking for in the United States then there are a great selection of registered schools in South or Central America. Both well connected by direct and affordable flights from anywhere in the US. Maybe check out what's on offer there too by searching here on Yovada.