England  |  Essex

2 Night Detox Spa Retreat

Available all year round

Free Cancellation*


841 USD  
England  |  East Sussex

3 Day Somatics Yoga Teacher's Retreat, UK

Aug 6 - 8, 2021 | Oct 22 - 24, 2021

Free Cancellation*


508 USD  
England  |  Warwickshire

2 Night Renew & Rejuvenate Yoga Retreat, UK

Nov 5 - 7, 2021 | Jan 28 - 30, 2022

Free Cancellation*


769 USD  
England  |  West Sussex

3 Day Loving Detox and Yoga Escape

Nov 26 - 28, 2021

Free Cancellation*


600 USD  
England  |  Essex

4 Night Detox Spa Retreat

Available all year round

Free Cancellation*


1636 USD  
England  |  Essex

6 Night Detox Spa Retreat

Available all year round

Free Cancellation*


2285 USD  
England  |  Essex

5 Night Detox And Wellness Retreat

Available all year round

Free Cancellation*


1974 USD  
England  |  Essex

7 Night Detox And Wellness Retreat

Available all year round

Free Cancellation*


2567 USD  
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Discover the Best Yoga Retreats in UK

The UK has lots of retreats happening throughout the year.

You will always find retreats across bank holidays, Easter and other holiday times.

The trend here is for weekends away, for a yoga and meditation short break.

It's a nice change of pace to meet a new group of people and spend time deepening your practice.

Often in a lovely part of the English countryside.

Popular Retreat in the UK (Near me)

You can find a lot of retreats here in relaxing and picturesque settings.

Most are in Old Manor Halls or Converted Farmhouses.

It's quite a nice option to connect with yourself in the english countryside.

Or make time for a break from your usual routine to join a group of yogis on an immersive meditation focused yoga retreat.

And the obvious advantage for people in the UK is no travelling to Europe or Southeast Asia.

Is a yoga retreat worth it?

Well for sure, the people, the atmosphere, the practice, the laughter and sharing, a yoga retreat offers the opportunity to deepen your practice and focus on an activity like detox or meditation, at the same time as meeting like-minded yogis.

And enjoy a holiday break, what a great use of the time.

So please review all of the best yoga retreats in the UK.

Popular Yoga Holidays
In the UK you'll find a good variety of short breaks and weekend retreats to tap into some well earned 'R&R" - rest and relaxation. And of course combined with other activities like hiking, painting, detox, fitness, nutrition and cooking education and the like.
The UK, especially London, is ethnically and culturally diverse and the retreats are too, giving people from all walks of life and religious beliefs the opportunity to join in on their chosen yoga holiday.

The UK is a perfect place to find wellness program activities at a retreat center 'near me', which is nearby if you live here or easily accessible if you are travelling to the country for a yoga holiday. There are lots of different types of retreat schedules that always include a good dose of yoga and meditation often with a small personal group in the mornings and evenings; plus you can find the further focus you are looking to spend your time on, whether that is spa indulgence, vegan cooking practice, a juice detox, physical fitness or whatsoever it may be.
There are some nice wellness spas which have great facilities, comfortable accommodation and extensive spa menus for you to enjoy. Or if hiking in the wilderness or national park forest is your thing then you are sure to find what you are looking for.

A yoga holiday here does not need to break the bank, there are plenty of options which are reasonably priced to support the open and accessible culture of retreats and retain equity in yoga, wherever you may be and whatever your skill level or interests. So please don't let the idea of cost put you off researching, you may well be surprised by what's on offer.

Yoga and Meditation Retreats
The UK can be a busy place, especially if you live and work in one of the busy cities like London or `Manchester. so it is with gratitude that we find many options to let go of the normal routines and schedules that we run to and join a group of like-minded individuals on a journey of exploration and self-care through yoga and meditation. There is nothing like being able to focus solely on the yogic lifestyle and immerse yourself in yoga philosophy for a support to our life perspective.

For those who are looking to spend a more extended amount of time focusing on your yoga practice and deepening your knowledge and immersion into everything to do with yoga, there is quite a community of schools offering yoga teacher training retreats in the UK, which makes it really convenient for people who live here or visiting yogis to complete their certification whilst being in the big towns and cities, whilst still working or making the most of the tourist experience.

The most common type of retreat package in the UK is without a doubt the yoga weekend.

So What is a weekend retreat like?

It's exactly what it says.

A quick break of practice, accommodation and meeting new like-minded souls.

It may well include further activity focus such as meditation, cooking, hiking, whatever it may be.

And some may be a day or so longer, offering activities on the Friday or Monday too.

Just a yoga weekend away is the trip of choice out of all those available here.

Busy Times of Year in the UK

With the emphasis on short and long weekend breaks the many bank holiday weekends in the UK have become a haven for yoga retreats. The dates are as follows -

How much should a retreat cost in the UK?

Most are all-inclusive short breaks which cost between 100-150GBP a day, including all sessions, accommodation and food.

The price can change depending on where you stay and at what time of year, there are many luxury yoga retreats in the UK.

If you would prefer to save money but get the whole experience with a group of friends, maybe think about creating your own private retreat.

Find a great place on Airbnb and hit the road for your very own yoga trip.